MSDx is a personalized medicine company developing blood testing products for brain diseases and is dedicated to providing the healthcare providers and patients with critical data that can be useful in diagnosis, monitoring, and assessing therapeutics response.Brain damage is devastating! Millions of people are affected by brain disorders yet there is virtually no blood test available. Neurological diseases represent a particularly critical sector for biomarkers and blood tests, since the disease process often takes place well before symptoms appear. Cost effective, reliable, blood based biomarkers can aid in disease detection before excessive damage takes place. We call our patented blood test panel WINDOW INTO THE BRAIN™.


In Multiple Sclerosis, the WINDOW INTO THE BRAIN™ blood test panel provide data to monitor disease activity and therapeutic effectiveness. Aligning the MS patient with the optimal medication can aid in slowing disease progression while reducing healthcare costs.

In Parkinson’s Disease, the WINDOW INTO THE BRAIN™ blood test panel is targeted to provide the patient with an early diagnosis allowing for early treatment and the prospect of controlling the disease before symptoms arise.

In Traumatic Brain Injury the MSDx blood test panel may reveal biomarker expression patterns that predict who will have a concussion that simply resolves and who will develop late sequelae from this injury, such as chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE).

At launch, the company will sell directly to neurologists by offering the MSDx blood test panel as a service through a CLIA Certified Laboratory. MSDx will also adapt the technology for use on the leading diagnostic equipment platforms commonly found in clinical laboratories.

MSDx’s first patent was issued for its WINDOW INTO THE BRAIN™ technology, describing methods of detecting a neurological condition via analysis of circulating phagocytes. The WINDOW INTO THE BRAIN™ test panel offers a real-time view of pathological processes and disease activity in the brain. Often referred to as a “non-invasive brain biopsy,” it includes demyelination, neurodegenerative, and leukocyte transmigration biomarkers. MSDx’s second patent was issued for a method of detection of a high molecular weight protein complex referred to as MSDx Complex-1. This biomarker is thought to be generated by the process by which leukocytes cross the blood brain barrier. Monitoring break down products of the process of leukocyte trafficking is an innovative strategy for monitoring disease activity in neuroinflammatory diseases.

MSDx’s assays can be tested individually or as a panel. Though initially focused on Multiple Sclerosis (MS), this technology may be applied to other neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s Disease (PD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).